We are Fla-Kultur !!

What's that ?

This French association is a non-governmental organization based in southern France (rural area), the staff has experience with YOUTH/YOUTH IN ACTION program, Erasmus + and Grundtvig program
This organization is to encourage, to develop and to promote the youth culture as well as any form of its artistical and social expression. Fla-Kultur had organized some workshops (Do It Yourself, recycling, music and so on), one network of festival (Copyfest) and we are involved in local and international youth exchanges, we organize Training Course and we are an EVS sending organization.

The association realized and was a part in project the last years :
> Local Youth exchanges thanks to workshops : a(r)rtelier
> Youth exchanges (YiA)
> Seminar and training courses (YiA - E+) from SALTO or/and NGO
> EVS sending organization
> Meeting, concerts and Festivals : Copyfest
> Youth Cultural Activities
> Fla-k (booklet RIP)
> Involvement in lot of European networks
CoNtAcT ::
Hôtel de Ville 82340 Donzac
03, rue des Escoussieres 31000 Toulouse (Office)
flakultur @ gmail.com ou fla-k @ no-log.org
Tél :: 00 33 (0)6 79 07 59 72